Photojournal - 26 August 2007

Flowers in their beds

On Friday, there was finally a little movement from the Nikon shop on getting my gear back to me, or at least on doing something for me. They lent me a D2X.

The D2X is a camera, and I own one, except that this summer Nikon seemed to want to keep it. At least I now had a replacement. I didn't get a replacement for the lenses that were in the shop, though, so I still felt that I had to look mainly for macro or scenic subjects. They had my favorite bird-photo lens.

On Sunday, I finally had a chance to get out with the loaner camera. I put my 70-300mm lens on and headed out with the idea of seeing what delights the flowerbeds along the quay held. The 70-300 works reasonably well as a macro lens, but not quite as well as my dedicated 90mm lens would have. The tradeoff was that if I did happen upon some birds, the 70-300mm would be much better than the 90mm.

The photos I got were mainly of flowers and succulents, but I did get a few bugs amongst them. I'll chime in when I know what something is, but otherwise let the pictures present themselves.

The following is a Rudbeckia, probably R. fulgida.

R. fulgida is also known as the Black-eyed Susan or the Orange Coneflower. To go with them, here are some Purple Coneflowers, Echinacea purpurea. This is a white cultivar, probably Alba.  
Here are some pink/purplish ones.  
The next coneflower makes a nice childhood stomping ground for this immature Chlorochroa stinkbug.  
Near the big half-a-submarine playground, a white Dahlia.  

This beautiful purple leaf is from a Coleus (Solenostemon scutellarioides) of some sort, probably the Princess Gigunda cultivar.

And these orange leaves are undoubtedly from another cultivar of Coleus, but I've no idea which one.  
The following neat succulent is Haworthia fasciata.  
And this one is Crassula perforata.  
More Coleus.  
These next three leaves are from species of Canna.  
Next, we have the humble honeybee (Apis mellifera), on what seems to be another coneflower.  
And, finally, another such flower without the bee.  

No good birds were to be found on my outing, but I did have plenty of fun with the summer colors and flower forms.

If you know any of the plants that I haven't named, give me a shout...I'm always interested in learning to identify the things I see.

Your conehead,



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