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Tom's Photojournal 2005 Q4 (Fall)

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Last update March 23, 2006

December 31 A Golden end to the year
December 25 Christmas dinner
December 25 Christmas with friends
December 21 Studio flash
December 18 Avocet at The Serp
December 11 Snowy in the fog
December 10 Red-tail on a wire
November 29 Ending the retreat
November 28 Standing at the frontier
November 27 La Bohème
November 23 to 27 Furry beasts
November 22 Foggy night 2
November 21 Foggy night 1
November 20 Sitting for a spell
November 19 Foggy but birdy
November 14 and 18 Two twips to T'wassen
November 17 Kingfisher initiation
November 13 Ooey
November 7 Silent yodellers
November 6 Boot camp

November 5

On the trail of the Eider

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