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Tom's Photojournal 2005 Q2 (Spring)

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Last update December 3, 2005

June 24 Meanwhile, back at the farm
June 22 A copper at Iona
June 19 An extra helping of tongue
June 12 Taking care of the kids
June 10 Down on the farm
June 9 Long-lost Leo
June 6 The castle of St. Mary's
June 3 Wide open at the Golden
May 29 Dark day at Ambleside
May 28 Making a pig of myself
May 26 Morning song
May 25 Behaving myself
May 24 Further afield at Colony Farm
May 16 Fuel-efficient sparrows
May 15 Duck Stairs
May 8 Warble warble
May 7 Wee waterfowl
May 7 The silent mushroom gallery
May 1 The day of the Green Man
April 30 A cold, cold wet day
April 29 Three macro shots
April 24 Color along the quay
April 22 A short walk after work
April 21 Dogfight over the water
April 20 Mill Lake
April 18 Ghowza!
April 17 Chasing the solitaire
April 16 New parts of the Pitt
April 9 A pheasant Saturday in the field
April 8 Daffodils

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