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Tom's Photojournal 2004 Q3 (Summer)

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Last update December 3, 2005

September 30 Steveston sunset
September 25 Late September roaming
September 19 Variety from the south jetty
September 19 Variety at the inner ponds
September 12 A short one
September 11 Peeps and more
September 5 A harrier situation
September 4 Da bomb
September 1 A Queen Elizabeth morning
August 31 From Cypress Mountain
August 30 Squeezing in more birds
August 29 Tracking down an escapee
August 28 Bay Day
August 24 and 26 South Delta and a dog shoot
August 23 Florals from Glenbrook Ravine Park
August 22 The mansion, the dyke, and the spit
August 21 Back to the mud
August 20 A quick visit to the Inner Ponds
August 19 Blue Thursday
August 18 Seawall
August 17 Pitt Meadows in the morning
August 15 Three lifers in a minute
August 14 Poking around south of the river
August 10 to 13 Another busy week at work
August 7 and 8 The mud of Boundary Bay
August 3 to 5 A quiet week
August 2 My Maplewood Monday morning

July 31 and August 1

July ends and August starts
July 30 Nearing the end of July
July 26 A Monday morning at Burnaby Lake
July 25 Campbell Valley Park
July 24 The second half of the landscape morning
July 24 Landscape
July 21 Trying to catch up
July 20 Back to the jetty
July 17 The jetty and the lake
July 16 The evening at Como Lake
July 16 The morning at Maplewood
July 13 Point Bob, again
July 12 A morning visit to the U.S.
July 11 South Surrey Sunday
July 10 Spending time at Piper Spit

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