Tom's Knotwork Program Pages

I've been working on a program to create knotwork (Celtic and otherwise) images. The pages here are intended to document my progress; they are organized by day number, which I increment each day that I work on the program. (Thus, Day 10 is the tenth day that I worked on my program.).

If you want to see the evolution of the program, start with the bottom of the page that includes Day 1, and read up the page.

If you've visited here before and just want to see the new stuff, start at the top of the latest page, and work down...

If you have any feedback, I'd be pleased to hear it. You can email me at


Page 4: Day 10 -

Page 3: Day 7 - Day 9

Page 2: Day 4 - Day 6

Page 1: Day 1 - Day 3