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Day10: 17 Nov 2001


Of course, SubstanceBall has parameters for thread and ball widths. Here I made the outer ball width much bigger than the inner, giving the funky heavy-looking circles.



Same as Day10a5, except only 25% of the cells with curves turn into 4-way ball intersections.



After looking at Day10a3 and Day10a4, I thought about making the ball-turns into 4-way intersections. So I added a setting to SubstanceBall to do this. Here every cell containing turns is convered to a 4-way ball intersection.




Like Day10a3, except that here only 25% of the cells having curves spawn a ball-turn.



Another new substance: SubstanceBall. SubstanceBall will replace some turns (at most one per cell) with a "ball turn": two threads running straight into a cirle. Here every cell with turns in it has one of them converted to a ball turn.



Another SubstanceImage with images from Bryce. The tubes use the Bryce preset texture "Easter Egg Dye #2". Here not only the lighting but also the texture alignment at the edge of the images cause problems.



SubstanceImage, here using six images (two straights and four turns). The images were rendered in Bryce (cylinder for the straights, torus for the turns). There are problems with this method; I worked hard at getting the lighting to match on the separate pieces but I couldn't get Bryce 4 to produce a true orthogonal view of something. I've got Bryce 5 but haven't cracked open the box yet...maybe this will motivate me.


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